Come home to Ma

Our Story

Inspired through the comforts of a loving mother, a post-war restaurant was established to give customers a reminder of a heart-felt meal that their mothers would usually prepare. Unconditional love unites the bond between a mother and child; hence the word Ma, Chinese for mother, came to its existence.

The heart of Ma Chicken Mami House is from a dedicated and passionate mother of four, Estela. Right after the war, her inspiration to prepare dishes were the children of the war and the childhood that was taken away from them. She sought for ways to express her compassion which resulted to cooking for families and friends.

MA's Binondo Mami

A bowl of rich noodle soup topped with chicken slices, pork siomai, and roasted pork garnished with Chinese cabbage and hard-boiled egg.

The way Mami should be

Our Specialties